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Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are a mixture of various chemical substances which have been biosynthesised by plants. They give off a characteristic aroma of certain flowers, trees, fruit, herbs, spices, seeds and certain extracts of animal origin, (musk, civet, ambergris).

They are natural products which are intensely aromatic, non-greasy, volatile by nature and very light. They are not soluble in water, slightly soluble in vinegar and soluble in alcohol, grease, wax and vegetable oil. They oxidise when exposed to air. Over 150 types have been extracted, each one of them has its own aroma and unique healing power.

Aceites esenciales


Aromatherapy, from the greek words aroma, ‘scent’ and therapy, ‘care’ or ‘cure’, is a particular branch of the herbal industry which uses concentrated natural essential oils to improve physical and emotional well being.
Unlike the plants used in herbal medicine, essential oils are not swallowed, but inhaled or applied to the skin.

Organic essential oils

Essential oils that have been derived from organically cultivated plant products.