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Air Fresheners

Mujer en un prado relajada

Modern fragrances to create the perfect ambiance at work or at home.



Long-lasting intense fragrances for clothes that exhume freshness.

House and Floor Cleaners

Casa Limpia

Fragrances that add a touch of pleasure to daily cleaning tasks.

Toilet Cleaners

Detergente WC

Fragrances designed to freshen and disinfect at the same time.

Washing Up Liquid

Cubiertos lavando

Modern and classic fragrances which cut through grease while being mild and gentle on your hands.

Fabric Softener

Flores sobre ropa lavada

An extensive range of fragrances which accentuate freshness and leave clothes irresistibly soft with a long lasting scent after ironing.

Glass Cleaner


Modern fragrances developed in accordance to the market trends.



Fragrances stable in hypochlorite.