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Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils are natural products which are most commonly used to mix with essential oils. They are used to make massage oils or cosmetic products. They are easy to combine and can be mixed in many ways to complement their different properties.

Sweet Almond

Soft and nourishing for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Ideal for baby massages, stretch marks and dry hair.


Rebalances dry and mature skin. Extremely rich in vitamin E and non saturated fatty acids which helps anti-aging. Gives shine and radiance to dry, damaged hair.



Regenerates and revitalises mature skin. Renews softness and elasticity to skin and is used in cases of dry skin and stretch marks.


Macerated flower of calendula in olive oil. Helps to rebuild and soothe delicate and fragile skin. Relieves irritation and sun burns. Ideal for baby skin which is fragile and dry.


Relieving and healing. It is a point of reference for massage oil pain relief. Regenerating for dry and dehydrated skin.


Suitable for all skin types. Brings back elasticity to dry skin and regulates oil secretion. Improves flexibility and shine to hair.


Protects and nourishes dry skin. Prevents the aging of dry or weak skin. An excellent massage base.

St john´s wort

Marinated flower of st. John’s wort in olive oil. Regenerates and soothes sensitive skin. It is commonly used for burns, scaring and irritation caused by the sun.


Rebalances dry and mixed skin. Leaves no oily residue therefore it's excellent for oily type skin. Regenerates sensitive skin which is prone to redness.

Apricot Seed

Nourishes and regenerates dry and sensitive skin. Widely used in massage oils.


 Regenerates and softness ageing skin. Helps the reconstruction of skin cells and also revitalizes wrinkled skin. Gives glow and vitality to hair.

Grape seed

Ideal for all skin types. A dry, softening and nourishing oil.


Regenerates mature and weakened skin and revives skin elasticity. It is used diluted with other vegetable oils for skin care and used undiluted to treat wounds, cracks and stretch marks.


Nutritive oil for dry and ageing skin. Deeply penetrates the skin, helping to regenerate it. Rich in vitamin E, it protects dry and fragile skin from external attacks. 

We also provide various other vegetable oils such as: avocado, rice peanut, safflower, coconut, corn germ, wheat germ, flaxseed walnut, soybean and mink.